Apetyt 2011

Poland was full of these cheap Spaghetti restaurants. You could find them on every corner, blaring and burping with their plastic chairs and the smell of sugary tomatoes. I found the atmosphere very sterile, too bright and a little bit sad. I was struck by the word ‘Apetyt’; a very English word in a usually indecipherable language. ‘Apetyt’ was the name of one of these cheap restaurants and I decided I wanted my performance to take place in there. I love to note the differences between how men and women eat. Women eat delicately, napkin in hand, dabbing at any fleck of sauce around their mouths. Men sprawl. The sit, mouth open, elbow out, legs splayed. Men use up space, women shrink within it. It is this idea that I wanted to play with. I bought a plate of cheap spaghetti, tomato sauce blinking bright red on the plastic plate and sat in the most prominent seat right next to the door. At first I ate like a well mannered lady, using a fork, wiping with my napkin. Over time I became more and more open. I sprawled, I licked, I devoured. I used my hands, I used my face. Sugary tomato sauce spurted onto my white top and I wiped my fingers on my trousers. At the end, I felt a little sick. Stills from ‘Apetyt’ 2011